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Child & Adolescent Special Interest Group

Child and Adolescent Special Interest Group

Mission statement:

Our mission is to provide collaboration, support, and education about assessment and treatment of child and adolescent trauma and dissociation. Specific interests of the Child and Adolescent Interest Group include research of childhood trauma and dissociation; education of first-line responders (teachers, CPS workers) and therapists; and evaluation and treatment of all areas of child and adolescent trauma and dissociation.

About the Child and Adolescent Special Interest Group:

The Child and Adolescent Special Interest Group (C&A SIG) was formed several years ago by a group of ISSTD members who work with children and adolescents. The C&A SIG has continued to grow and includes ISSTD members who work with traumatized and dissociative children and adolescents from all around the world. The C&A SIG has an email list-serve for group members, where resources, referral, clinical questions and brainstorming about the field take place. The C&A SIG meets annually at the ISSTD Annual Conference. The group continues to look at ways that will allow more scientific support for the impact of early life trauma to be shared. The C&A SIG is exploring ways to, as a group, conduct research in support of this goal; including the possibility of clinical outcome studies in trauma and dissociation treatment of children and adolescents. The group hopes to have the additional benefit of continuing to raise the recognition of ISSTD among professionals and the public; and to broaden the impact that ISSTD has as an organization.

Are you an ISSTD member working with children or adolescents? We are looking to expand the number of clinicians and other professionals who are members of the C&A SIG, in order to effectively disseminate and clarify the role that trauma and dissociation plays in the part of children’s lives. If you consider joining our group and adding your knowledge and skills to ours, contact the C&A SIG chairman Robert Slater.
You can reach him via email at: [email protected]

Have questions?

For general questions about the Child and Adolescent Special Interest Group, the ISSTD SIGs in general, or other membership questions, you can contact:

ISSTD HQ at: [email protected]

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