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ISSTD Special Interest Groups - Creative Arts

Creative Arts Therapy Special Interest Group

Mission statement:

The Creative Arts Therapy SIG is a forum for any ISSTD member interested in learning about the role of the creative arts for treatment of trauma and dissociation. Our goal is to provide information about the creative arts and their place in trauma treatment, and to be a forum where new ideas utilizing art, music, drama, movement and other expressive media in therapy, can be shared and discussed. We hope that through this SIG, members will be encouraged to expand their practices to include expressive arts modalities, and to conduct research and engage in further training in the creative arts.

About the Creative Arts Therapies Special Interest Group:

The Creative Arts Therapies Special Interest Group (CAT SIG) was launched in 2017 by a group of ISSTD members. The creative arts therapies (art, music, dance/movement, psychodrama) have a unique and important place in the treatment of trauma and dissociation. Because traumatic memory is not encoded in an explicit or linear manner, an approach that does not rely on words alone can be extremely useful. Art and other expressive therapies provide direct access to implicitly stored traumatic memories. The creative arts therapies facilitate healing trauma and dissociation using an active, creative, strengths- based approach. The CAT SIG meets annually at the ISSTD Annual Conference.

Membership in the Creative Arts Therapies SIG is not limited to creative arts therapists; we hope to expand knowledge of any therapist interested in collaborating with a creative art therapist or any therapist wishing to expand or develop skills utilizing the creative arts for trauma treatment.  If you are interested in joining our group and adding your knowledge and skills to ours, please contact Tally Tripp.

Creative Arts Therapy SIG Officers
Founder/Chair/Moderator: Tally Tripp (tallytripp@gmail.com)
Co-Founder: Linda Gantt
Secretary: Eva Young

Have questions?

For general questions about the Creative Arts Therapy Special Interest Group, the ISSTD SIGs in general, or other membership questions, you can contact:

ISSTD HQ at: info@isst-d.org

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