The conference program details are available through our online itinerary planner. Please note that this information is continuously being updated. Most of the sessions should remain the same, however, there is always the possibility that some items will change.

If presenters have provided session materials in advance, this is the location to find those handouts. Speakers voluntarily can upload their materials, therefore, you may or may not find handouts for sessions you are interested in attending.

How to use the Itinerary Planner for the conference:

Basic info:

1 - You do NOT have to log in to make use of the itinerary planner; but logging in can help save whatever you already chose so you don't need to look for it again if you return to the site later on.
2 - Want to check the details about a session? Clicking the title of a session will show the session's details right on the "ITINERARY PLANNER", including the speaker, time, abstract, etc. (You will not be automatically 'signed onto' a session by checking it out--only clicking 'add' will add the session to your "MY PLANNER")
3 - Want to add that session to your "MY PLANNER"? Simply select the session by clicking "ADD" It'll immediately be put in your "MY PLANNER". You can click on "MY PLANNER" anytime to view the sessions you've already selected and the time window they'll be occupying within the day/s
4 - Changed your mind about a session and need to remove it from your "MY PLANNER"? No problem. In the "ITINERARY PLANNER", click the "REMOVE" button beside the session you are no longer interested in attending (the ones you selected will have a red 'remove' button next to them. The ones you did not select will have a green 'add' button). The session you 'removed' will be deleted from your "MY PLANNER".


For your convenience, you can search for a session you're looking for, for what's happening on a particular day, even the kind of session you prefer (i.e. track--a paper session, a workshop, a panel, a plenary, etc.).

Want to find a certain speaker? Sure. Go to the 'speaker' window and click on the small window to its right.

Have a preferred session kind? Go to the 'track' and click the small window to its right to see the options.

Will only be at the conference on particular days or want to set your schedule for a certain time frame? Go to the 'date' and look at the option in the window to the right. Sessions for a particular day will already be sorted chronologically, starting at morning sessions and moving through the day.



Prefer a list view?

Visit the  Schedule-at-a-Glance provided for your convenience.  


Updated July 12, 2013

2013 PROGRAM content DETAILS


Learn where thought leaders in treatment, research and training are headed. 

Are you new to the field, or just curious? Learn face-to-face from the experts and meet new friends.

Have you been at this for a while? Come to meet old and new friends, brush up, and improve your skills.

Are you an expert?
Donít be selfish! Come and share your knowledge! While you are at it, become a better expert.

Clinician? Learn new clinical skills and what research is bringing you.

Researcher? Learn what your colleagues are working on, how the clinicians are applying the new knowledge, and where the clinicians desperately need new knowledge.

Students and Early Career Professionals: We know that the future belongs to you. Come to a conference where you can interact with leaders who welcome you and respect your contributions to our future.

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Future Annual Conference Dates

October 23 & 24 - Pre Conferences
October 25-27  Full Conference
Westin Long Beach
333 East Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, California 90802
United States

April 16 & 17 - Pre Conferences
April 18-20 - Full Conference
Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista
1751 Hotel Plaza Blvd
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