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Scientific Committee 2015

The Scientific Committee is the primary advisor to the Board of Directors on all matters of science and research. The Scientific Committee provides scientific expertise to other ISSTD Committees and Task Forces in order to ensure the scientific quality of ISSTD activities. The Scientific Committee also fosters research in the areas of trauma and dissociation and works to ensure dissemination of knowledge of the state of the science of trauma and dissociation both within ISSTD and beyond.  Additionally, The Scientific Committee reviews the ISSTD clinical guidelines and provides their recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Chair: Vedat Sar, MD  (Turkey) (2012-2016)
Vice Chair: Warwick Middleton, MD (Australia) (2012-2017)

Scientific Committee Members:

Bethany Brand,PhD (USA) (2012-2017)
Paul F. Dell, PhD (USA)  (2012-2016)
Benedetto Farina, MD, PhD (Italy) (2015-2016) 
Martin J. Dorahy,PhD (New Zealand) (2012-2017)
Marilyn Korzekwa,MD (Canada) (2014-2016)
Christa Krüger, MD (South Africa) (2012-2017)
John O’Neil, MD (Canada) (2012-2015)
Alfonso Martinez-Taboas, PhD (Puerto Rico) (2012-2015) 
Pam Stavropoulos,PhD (Australia) (2013-2015)
Kathy Steele, MN, CS (USA) (2012-2016)
Anthony Tranguch, MD, PhD (USA) (2012-2015)

ISSTD Scientific Advisory Board

The ISSTD Scientific Advisory Board was created to develop an extensive network of distinguished scientists in the field of trauma and dissociation who advise the Scientific Committee and the Board of Directors on matters of science.

ISSTD Scientific Advisory Board Members:

Suzette Boon, PhD (The Netherlands)
Elizabeth Bowman, MD (USA)
Chris Brewin, PhD (United Kingdom)
Philip Bromberg, PhD  (USA) 
Richard Brown, PhD (United Kingdom) 
Etzel Cardena, PhD (Sweden)
Richard Chefetz, MD (USA) 
James Chu, MD (USA)
Catherine Classen, PhD (Canada)
Christine Courtois, PhD (USA)
Constance Dalenberg, PhD (USA)
Nel Draijer, PhD (The Netherlands)
Brad Foote, MD (USA) 
Julian Ford, PhD (USA)
Tanja Franciscovic, MD (Croatia)  
A.Steven Frankel, PhD, JD (USA)
Serge Goffinet, MD (Belgium)
Steven Gold, PhD (USA) 
Rachel Goldsmith, PhD (USA) 
David H. Gleaves, PhD (Australia)
Rebecca Hannagan, PhD (USA) 
Daeho Kim, MD, PhD (South Korea)
Richard P. Kluft, MD, PhD  (USA) 
Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD (Canada)
Roberto Lewis-Fernandez, MD (USA) 
Giovanni Liotti, MD (Italy)
Richard J. Loewenstein, MD (USA)
Brigitte Lueger-Schuster, PhD (Austria)
Russell Meares, MD (Australia)
Andrew Moskowitz, PhD (Denmark)
Ellert RS Nijenhuis, PhD (The Netherlands)
Ken Okano, MD (Japan)
Mirand Olff, PhD (The Netherlands) 
Erdinc Ozturk, PhD (Turkey)
Frank Putnam, MD (USA)
Colin A Ross, MD (USA) 
Martin Sack, MD (Germany)
Ingo Schaefer, MD (Germany)
Shekhar Seshadri, MD (India)
Daphne Simeon, MD (USA)
Eli Somer, PhD (Israel) 
David Spiegel, MD (USA) 
Marlene Steinberg, MD (USA)
Giovanni Tagliavini, MD, PhD (Italy)
Onno van der Hart, PhD (The Netherlands) 
Annemieke van Dijke, PhD (The Netherlands)
Eric Vermetten, MD, PhD (The Netherlands) 
Frances S.Waters, DCSW, LMSW, LMFT (USA)
Catherine Widom, PhD (USA)
Tinakon Wongpakaran, MD (Thailand)   

Editor, Journal of Trauma and Dissociation

Jennifer Freyd, PhD

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Complexities of Complex Trauma Part I Teleseminar
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