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ISSTD Special Interest Groups--General Information

ISSTD Special Interest Groups


ISSTD Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are open to all ISSTD Members who have specific interest in certain areas of the field. ISSTD SIGs have been developed by members for members, and are geared to provide ISSTD members with particular in-depth interest in certain areas related to trauma and dissociation. As a member in good standing, you are entitled to join as many SIGs as you’d like. Information about the various SIGs and contact information for each SIG’s chair can be found in the following links. Since the inception of SIGs in 2008, ISSTD has had several SIGs form. Some of those closed due to lack of interest and/or participation. Others are still open but inactive.

ISSTD SIGs and status:

ISSTD SIGs and status: Child and Adolescent SIG (C&A SIG)—open, active. Psychotherapy Research SIG—formed, inactive. Psychosis SIG—formed, inactive. Ritual Abuse/Mind Control SIG (RA/MC SIG)—open, active. Veterans SIG—formed, inactive, currently closed.

Have questions?

If you are interested in more information about any of the SIGs, or have a Special Interest Group you might wish to explore the possibility of opening, feel free to  contact HQ at [email protected] Guidelines for submitting an application to form a Special Interest Group can be found here: INSERT LINK

Links to currently active Special Interest Groups

Child and Adolescent Special Interest Group

Ritual Abuse & Mind Control Special Interest Group

professional training:

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