Being a member of the Board of Directors for ISSTD is both a privilege and a responsibility.  In order for the Board to be an active and productive body, all Board members must be willing to share in the responsibilities of the Board. Individuals are expected to be prepared and to spend, on average, an hour per day on Board related activities. Board members have an opportunity to make a difference in the Society, to brainstorm and collaborate with ISSTD members from all over the world to achieve ISSTD goals, to gain insight into the workings of the society and, to utilize one's strengths to benefit the Society. 

The ISSTD Board of Directors is comprised of individuals filling the following roles:
President: The President shall be the chief elected officer of the Society and shall preside over all meetings of the Board of Directors and the Annual Business Meeting. Term of office is one year. The President shall not succeed himself/herself in office, nor be elected to this office more frequently than every fifth year.

Immediate Past President: The Immediate Past President shall advise the President. He/she shall chair the Nominating Committee and the Governance Committee. Term of office is one year.

President-Elect: The President-Elect shall succeed to the Presidency after completing a one-year term as President-Elect. Term of office is one year. The President-Elect shall assume the Presidentís duty in case of the latterís absence, resignation, disability, or death. Immediate election of a new President-Elect may take place at the discretion of the Board.

Vice-President: The Vice-President shall assist the President in coordinating and directing the activities of the Board of Directors. Term of office is three years. The Vice President may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall have stewardship over the financial standing of the Society. The Treasurer shall prepare in conjunction with Staff an annual budget, ensure an accurate accounting of all Society income and expenses, and shall make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the annual budget. The Treasurer shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Audit Committee. Term of office is three years. The Treasurer may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms.

Director: Together with the officers of the board, directors establish all matters of policy and goals including a strategic plan and annual budget. The Board of Directors may establish any standing rules it deems necessary to govern the Society, providing such rules are not in conflict with ISSTD Bylaws.