Conference Objectives

Overall Conference Objectives

  1. Describe the central role of dissociation in complex trauma related disorders
  2. Assess and treat children, adolescents, and/or adults with complex PTSD, developmental trauma, and dissociative disorders
  3. Describe the relationships among trauma, dissociation, and other psychological signs, symptoms, and disorders
  4. Identify some of the most recent research in the trauma and dissociation field
  5. Employ new treatment approaches and interventions for complex trauma and dissociation
  6. Recognize, avoid, or resolve therapeutic pitfalls and impasses
  7. Identify and effectively work with countertransference, vicarious traumatization, and needs related to therapist self-care
  8. Identify cultural, social, and religious effects on trauma, dissociation, and trauma-informed treatments
  9. Recognize the ethical and relational challenges posed by trauma and dissociation patients and discuss productive approaches to these issues

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