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ISSTD 2015 Committee Structure
View Committee Descriptions (under construction)

If you are interested in joining a committee, please email the Volunteer Committee Chair with your interest.

Thank you to all of our volunteers!

Awards Committee,
    Steve Frankel, Co-Chair
    Rich Chefetz,

Certificate Program Committee,
     Lynette Danylchuk, Co-Chair
     Phil Kinsler, Co-Chair

Child and Adolescent Committee,
     Fran Waters, Chair

ISSTD Core Conference Committee,
     Kevin Connors, Chair

David Caul Award Committee,
     Rafaele Huntjens, Chair

Finance Committee,
     Christine Forner, Chair

Fund-Raising Committee,
      Joan Golston, Chair

Governance Committee,
     Phil Kinsler, Chair

Marketing Committee, 
     Peter Maves, Chair

Membership Committee,  
    Warwick Middleton, Chair

Nominating Committee,
     Phil Kinsler, Chair

     Becky Stewart, Chair

Professional Training Program, 
     Victor Welzant, Chair

Scientific Committee,
     Vedat Sar, Chair

Student and Emerging Professionals Committee,      
     Christine Forner, Chair

Volunteer Committee,
     Lisa Danylchuk, Chair

Webinar Committee,
     Marilyn Korzekwa, Chair

Website Committee,
     Landon Michaels, Chair

Task Forces

 e-Journal Task Force
     Martin Dorahy, Co-Chair
     Victor Welzant, Co-Chair
     Christa Kruger,
     Warwick Middleton
     Vedat Sar

professional training:

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Intro Part 1 - Montreal 
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