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Annual Awards

Audio-Visual Media Achievement Award
Cornelia B. Wilbur Award
David Caul Award
Distinguished Achievement Award
Lifetime Achievement Award
Morton Prince Award
Pierre Janet Writing Award

Presidents Award
Richard P. Kluft Best Article Award
Sándor Ferenczi Award
Student Award
Thérèse O. Clemens Advocacy Award
Written Media Achievement Award

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest recognition given to an individual or individuals who have contributed over a generous span of time to the field of dissociation and/or trauma and the ISSTD.

2005 Richard P. Kluft, MD, PhD
2005 Elizabeth S. Bowman, MD

2009 Suzette Boon, PhD

2010 Kathy Steele, MN, CS

2011 Paul F. Dell, PhD, ABPP
2011 Ellert R.S. Nijenhus, PhD

2012 Richard M. Loewenstein, MD 

2013 Frank W. Putnam, MD

2014 Eli Somer, PhD


2015 Vedat Þar, MD
2015 A. Steven Frankel, PhD, JD

2016 Valerie Sinason, PhD
2016 Jennifer J. Freyd, PhD

2017 Elizabeth Howell, PhD
2017 Richard Chefetz, MD

2018 Warwick Middleton, MD
2018 Colin A. Ross, MD
2018 Joan A. Turkus, MD, DLFAPA

Cornelia B. Wilbur Award

The Cornelia B. Wilbur Award is given to an individual for outstanding clinical contributions to the treatment of dissociative disorders. Examples are (a) furthering the availability of diagnosis and treatment of dissociative disorders , (b) clinical research in diagnostic or treatment modalities, including treatment outcome, (c) advances in diagnostic instruments or diagnostic criteria, (d) diagnostic studies in various populations, or (e) new treatment techniques.

1985 Richard P. Kluft, MD

1986 P. Coons, MD

1987 B. Braun, MD

1988 M. Torem, MD

1989 C. Fine, PhD

1990 F. Putnam, MD

1991 J. Chu, MD

1992 R. Loewenstein, MD

1993 N. Hornstein, MD

1994 J. Goodwin, MD

1995 R. Allison, MD

1996 Larry Michelson, PhD
1996 William Ray, PhD

1997 Joyanna Silberg, PhD

1998 Claire Frederick, MD
1998 Maggie Phillips, PhD

1999 James Chu, MD

 2000 Eli Somer, PhD

2001 Edith Baum, MCAT
2001 Chris Courtois, PhD

2002 Constance Dalenberg, PhD

2003 Catherine G. Fine, PhD

2004 Vedat Þar, MD
Anne Suokas-Cunliffe, MPhil

2005 Marlene Steinberg, MD

2006 Elizabeth Howell, PhD

2007 Richard J. Loewenstein, MD

2008 Trine Anstorp
2008 Kirsten Benum
2008 Marianne Jacobson

2009 Joan Turkus, MD

2011 Kathy Steele, MN, CS

2012 Bethany Brand, PhD

2013 Sandra Wieland, PhD

2015 Renée Potgieter-Marks, Ph.D.

2016 Colin Ross, MD 

2017  Ralf Vogt, PhD

2018 Milissa Kaufman, MD, PhD 


David Caul Award

The David Caul Memorial Award is given for the best published or non-published paper, thesis, or conference abstract written by a resident or trainee in the field of dissociation and/or trauma.

1989 R. Riley, MD
1989 J. Meade, MD

1990 M. Steinberg, MD

1991 D. Savitz, Esq.

1992 N. Hornstein, MD

1993 S. Boon, PhD
1993 N. Draijer, PhD

1994 L. Meyer Williams, PhD

1995 H. Tutkun, MD
1995 L.I. Yargic, MD
1995 V. Sar, MD

1996 Rachel Yehuda, PhD

1998 Kerry L. Jang, PhD
1998 Joel Paris, MD
1998 Haille Zweig-Frank, PhD
1998 W. John Livesly, MD, PhD

1999 Gamze Akyuz, MD
1999 Orhan Dogan, MD
1999 Vedat Sar, MD
1999 L. Ilhan Yargic, MD
1999 Hamdi Tutkun, MD
1999 Bolu Düzce

2000 Ursula Gast, MD

2001 Catherina M. Dornbusch, MS

2002 Martin Dorahy, PhD

2003 Rafaële Huntjens, PhD

2004 Karen Way, MA

2005 A.A.T. Simone Reinders, PhD
2005 Ellert T.S. Nijenhuis, PhD
2005 Jacqueline Quak, MD
2005 Jakob Korf, PhD
2005 Jaap Haaksma, PhD
2005 Anne M.J. Paans, PhD
2005 Antoon T.M. Willemsen, PhD
2005 Johan A. den Boer, MD, PhD

2006 Brandon Korman

2007 Katharina Kircanski, MA
2007 Robert Cory Fanto
2007 Edward MacPhee
2007 Lynda Thiessen
2007 Katarzyna Wyka

2008 Robyn Gobin
2008 Amie Kolos
2008 Michal Lavy
2008 Jocelyn Soffer, MD

2009 Shira Bennett
2009 Ryan Matlow
2009 Kai Monde

2010 J. Audie Black
2010 Sima Chalavi
2010 Molly Wolf

2011 Jonathan DePierro
2011 Madeleine Karpel
2011 Reese Minshew
2011 Melissa Platt

2012 E. Grace Priest
2012 Emily J. Hennrich, MA
2012 Sarah Ahlfs-Dunn, MS

2013 Johannes Ehrenthal
2013 Selwyn Renard

2014 Aliya Webermann
2014 Sarah Herzog
2014 Brianna Snyder

2015 Marloes Eidhof, M.Sc.
2015 Michelle Downs-Woolley, Ph.D. Candidate

2016 Maria Quinn, PhD 

2018 Tuba Mutluer, MD 


Distinguished Achievement Award

Given to individuals who have distinguished themselves in the ISSTD.

1987 C. Wilbur, MD

1991 B. Cohen, MA
1991 E. Giller, MA
1991 L. Wasnak

1992 C. Comstock, PhD
1992 G. Fraser, MD, FRCPC                             
1992 R. Sachs, PhD
1992 C. Fine, PhD
1992 G. Peterson, MD

1993 B. Carlson, PhD
1993 P. Coons, MD
1993 J. Chu, MD
1993 A. Kadish

1995 P. Barach, PhD
1995 S. Marmer, MD
1995 E. Bowman, MD
1995 N. Perry, PhD
1995 M. Steinberg, MD

1996 Bennett Braun, MD
1996 John Curtis, MD

1997 Michaela Huber, PsyD
1997 Jeanie McIntee, Msc

1998 Frank W. Putnam, MD
1998 Alan W. Scheflin, Jr., JD
1998 D. Corydon Hammond, PhD
1998 Daniel Brown, PhD

1999 Kathy Steele, RN, MN, CS

2000 Su Baker, MEd
2000 Peter Barach, PhD

2001 John O’Neil, MD, FRCPC
2001 Christine Comstock, PhD

2002 Elizabeth Bowman, MD
2002 Richard P. Kluft, MD

2003 Stephen E. Braude, PhD

2004 Dennis S. Pilon, ACSW, BCD, MSW

2005 George A. Fraser, MD

2006 Su Baker, MEd
2006 Richard a. Chefetz, MD
2006 Chris Comstock, PhD
2006 Bob Patin
2006 George Rhoades, PhD

2007 Don Beere, PhD

2009 Liora Somer, MA

2010 Joanne Twombly, MSW, LICSW

2011 Lynette Danylchuk, PhD
2011 Andreas Laddis, MD
2011 Na’ama Yehuda,
2011 Jennifer Freyd, PhD
2011 Tara Williams, PhD

2012 Sandra Baita, PhD
2012 Anabel Gonzalez

2014 Joan C. Golston, DCSW, LICSW

2015 Joan A. Turkus, MD, DLFAPA

2016 Robert Llewellyn-Jones, FRANZCP
2016 Brad Foote, MD
2016 Elizabeth Bowman, MD

2017 Willa Wertheimer, PsyD
2017 Martin Dorahy, PhD
2017 Janet Migdow, PhD
2017 Warwick Middleton, MB BS, FRANZCP, MD



Media Award - Audio-Visual

The Media Award is given to an individual or organization for the best-written media (e.g., books, newspapers) and best audiovisual media (e.g., films, television, videos) that deal with dissociation and/or trauma.

1996 NHK Television (Japan)
1996 Tom Togashi
1996 Daisuke Takama

1997 Linda Catherine Cutting

2004 Marilyn Van Derbur

2005 Chuck Palahnuik

2006 Oprah Winfrey  

2007 Abby Braun, PhD

2008 Wendy Anson

2009 Mary Jo Kaplan, Showtime Networks

2010 Sapphire

2011 First Person Plural for the film, A Logical Way
of Being
  - Melanie Goodwin, Kathryn Livingston,
Jill Saunders, and Oriel

2015 Dr. Cathy Kezelman

2016 Mental Health Professionals Network (Australia) 

2017 Elisa Monti for the film, You'll Say Nothing

2018 Despina Noula Diamantopoulos


Media Award - Written

1996 Michael Stanton

1997 David Baldwin

1998 Ridgeview Institute                                          
1998 Richard P. Kluft, MD
1998 Beth Gault

1999 Christine Comstock, PhD
1999 Lynn S. Crook

2000 Cavalcade Productions, Inc.                                                         

2001 Ulla Froehling

2002 Paul J. Fink, MD

2003 Harvey L. Schwartz, PhD

2006 Ellert R.S. Nijenhus
2006 Chuck Palahniuk
2006 Kathy Steele, RN, MN, CS
2006 Onno van der Hart, PhD

2009 Paul F. Dell, PhD   

2010 Christine Courtois, PhD
2010 Julian Ford, PhD

2010 Elizabeth Howell, PhD 

2011 Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD; Eric Vermetten, MD; and Clare Pain, MD for The Impact of Early Life Trauma on Health and Disease: The Hidden Epidemic
2011 Robert T. Muller, PhD for
Trauma and the
Avoidant Client: Attachment-based Strategies
for Healing

2012 Elizabeth Howell, PhD for  Understanding and
Treating Dissociative Identity Disorder: A Relational Approach

2013 Richard P. Kluft, MD, PhD for Shelter from the Storm:
Processing the Traumatic Memories of DID/DDNOS Patients
with the Fractionated Abreaction Technique

2013 Joyanna Silberg, Ph.D. for The Child Survivor:
Healing Developmental Trauma and Dissociation

2013 Martin H. Teicher, M.D., Ph.D. and
Jaqueline A. Samson, Ph.D. for Childhood maltreatment
and psychopathology: A case for ecophenotypic variants
as clinically and neurobiologically distinct subtypes. 
American Journal of Psychiatry, 170, 1114-1133.

2015 Richard A. Chefetz, M.D. for Intensive Psychotherapy for Persistent Dissociative Processes: The Fear of Feeling Real

2016 Na'ama Yehuda for Communicating Trauma: Clinical Presentations and Interventions with Traumatized Children 
2016 Niki Gomez-Perales, MSW, RSW for Attachment-Focused Trauma Treatment for Children and Adolescents: Phase Oriented Strategies for Addressing Complex Trauma Disorders
2016 Sheldon Itzkowitz. PhD, ABPP and Elizabeth Howell, PhD for The Dissociative Mind in Psychoanalysis: Understanding and Working with Trauma

2017 Donna Hicks, PhD for Dignity: It's Essential Role in Resolving Conflict

2018 Australian Royal Commission-  Hon. Justice Peter McClellan AM, Hon. Justice Jennifer Coate, Commissioner Bob Atkinson AO APM, Commissioner Andrew Murray, Commissioner Helen Milroy, Commissioner Robert Fitzgerald AM, Gail Furness SC


Morton Prince Award for Scientific Achievement

Given to an individual who has made outstanding cumulative contributions to research in the area of dissociative disorders.

1985 F. Putnam, PhD                                       

1986 R. Kluft, MD

1987 P. Coons, MD

1988 J. Watkins, MD

1989 C. Ross, MD

1990 R. Loewenstein, MD

1991 B. Braun, MD

1992 E. Carlson, PhD

1993 M. Steinberg, MD

1994 S. Boon, PhD
1994 N. Drayer

1995 E. Frischholz, PhD

1996 David Gleaves, PhD

1997 Niels Waller, PhD 

1998 Ellert R.S. Nijenhuis

1999 Etzel Cardeña, PhD

2000 Frank Leavitt, PhD

2001 Vedat Þar, MD

2002 Daniel Brown, PhD
2002 Alan W. Scheflin, JD

2003 Phillip M. Coons, MD

2004 Paul F. Dell, PhD

2005 Daphne Simeon, MD

2006 Carsen Spitzer

2007 Ruth Lanius, MD

2008 Brad Foote, MD

2009 Bethany Brand, PhD

2010 Vedat Þar, MD
2010 Constance Dalenberg, PhD

2012 Annemiek van Dijke, PhD

2013 Warwick Middleton,  MB BS, FRANZP, MD

2016 Alfonzo Martinez-Taboas, PhD
2016 Martin Dorahy, PhD

2017  A.A.T. Simone Reinders, PhD

2018 Michael Salter, PhD 


Pierre Janet Writing Award

Given to an individual for the best clinical, theoretical or research paper in the field of dissociative and/or trauma within the past year.

1991 O. van der Hart,  PhD                                            

1992 R. Kluft, MD

1993 F. Putnam, PhD

1994 D. Spiegel, MD

1995 I. Hacking

1996 Alfonso Martinez-Taboas, PhD                                                         

1997 Jennifer Freyd, PhD

1998 James A. Chu, MD

1999 David H. Gleaves, PhD

2000 Ellert R. S. Nijenhuis, PhD

2001 Onno van der Hart, PhD
2001 Kathy Steele, MN, CS

2002 Kelly A. Forrest

2003 George A. Fraser, MD, FRCPC                        

2004 Etzel Cardena, PhD
2004 David H. Gleaves, PhD

2005 Giovanni Liotti , MD
2005 Kathryn A. Becker-Blease, PhD
2005 Kirby Deater-Deckard, PhD
2005 Thalia Eley, PhD
2005 Jennifer J Freyd, PhD
2005 Jim Stevenson, PhD
2005 Robert Plomin, PhD

2006 Paul F. Dell, PhD

2007 Daniel Schechter, MD

2008 Martin Dorahey, PhD
2008 David Spiegel, MD
2008 Eric Vermetten, MD, PhD

2009 John A. ONeil, MD, FRCPC

2010 Andrew Moskowitz, PhD
2010 Ingo Schäfer, MD, MPH
2010 Martin Dorahy, PhD

2011 Suzette Boon, PhD
2011 Kathy Steele, MN, CS; and
2011 Onno van Der Hart, PhD

2012 Constance Dalenberg, PhD; Bethany Brand, PhD;
David Gleaves, PhD; Martin Dorahy, PhD;
Richard J. Loewenstein, MD;  Etzel Cardeña, PhD;
Paul Frewen, PhD; Eve Carlson, PhD and
David Spiegel, MD for Evaluation of the evidence
for the trauma and fantasy models of dissociation

2014 Martin J. Dorahy, PhD; Bethany Brand, PhD; Vedat Þar, MD; Christa Krüger, MD; Pam Stavropoulus, PhD; Alfonso Martínez-Taboas, PhD; Roberto Lewis-Fernandez, MD; Warwick Middleton, MB BS, FRANZCP, MD for "Dissociative identity disorder: an empirical overview." Australia and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 2014

2015 Richard A. Chefetz, M.D. for Intensive Psychotherapy for Persistent Dissociative Processes: The Fear of Feeling Real

2016 Ellert Nijenhuis for The trinity of trauma: Ignorance, fragility, and control, Vols. 1 & 2.

2017 Kathy Steele, Suzette Boon and Onno van der Hart for Treating Trauma-Related Dissociation
2017 Frank Putnam for The Way We Are: The Role of States of Mind in Our Identities, Personality, and Potential for Change
2017 Eline Vissia, Mechteld Giesen, Sima Chalavi, Ellert Nijenhuis, Nel Draijer, Bethany Brand, and A. A. T. Simone Reinders for Is it Trauma- or Fantasy-based? Comparing dissociative identity disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, simulators, and controls

2018 Daniel P. Brown and David S. Elliott for Attachment Disturbances in Adults: Treatment for Comprehensive Repair



Presidents Award of Distinction

Given to an individual who has given outstanding service to the Society.

1985 George Greaves, PhD

1986 David Caul, MD

1987 Christine Comstock, PhD

1988 Richard Kluft, MD

1989 Bennett Braun, MD

1990 Colin Ross, MD

1991 George Faust, JD, PhD

1992 Stephen Marmer, MD, PhD

1993 Lynn Wasnak

1993 Peter Barach, PhD

1993 Gary Peterson, MD

1994 Marlene Steinberg, MD

1995 Moshe Torem, MD
1995 Onno vanderHart, PhD
1995 Suzette Boon, PhD

1996 Peter Barach, PhD

1997 Elizabeth Bowman, MD

1998 Chris Costner Sizemore

1999 Su Baker, MEd
1999 Carol J. Bruce, MS, RN, PsyD
1999 John ONeil, MD 

 2000 Elizabeth Bowman, MD
2000 James A. Chu, MD

2001 Charles Wharton, PhD

2002 Marcia C. Cotton, PhD

2003 Remy Aquarone, MSS, BCP, UKCP, FIP    
2003 Clare Pain, MD, FRCPC

2004 Elizabeth Power
2004 Su Baker, MEd

2005 James A. Chu, MD

2006 Richard A. Chefetz, MD

2007 Thomas G. Tudor, PhD

2008 Richard A. Chefetz, MD

2009 Thomas G. Carlton, MD

2010 Vedat Þar, MD
2010 Therese Clemens

2011 Michael Foust, PhD
2011 Sheila Hatcher, MSW
2011 Jennifer Randall
2011 Christine Forner, MSW

2012 Serge Goffinet, MD
2012 Manoëlle Hopchet, MA

2012 Frances S. Waters, DCSW, LMSW, LMFT

2013 Lynette S. Danylchuk, PhD
2013 Annual Conference Committee

2014 Kevin J. Connors, MS, MFT
2014 Bethany Brand, PhD
2017 Na'ama Yehuda, MSC, SLP

2015 Christine Forner, BA, BSW, MSW
2015 Warwick Middleton, MB BS, FRANZCP, MD

2016 Philip J. Kinsler, PhD, ABPP
2016 Vivian Pender, MD
2016 Willa Wertheimer, PsyD

2017 Richard Hohfeler, PsyD
2017 Joan Haliburn, MBBS, FRANZCP, MMed
2017 Robert Slater, MSW, LCSW-R
2017 Christa Krüger, MBBCh, MMed, FCPsych, MD

2018 D. Michael Coy, MA, LICSW
2018 Kate McMaugh


Thérèse O. Clemens Advocacy Award

This award is given in honor of and dedicated to Thérèse O. Clemens who served as the ISSTD Executive Director for 9 years, guiding us through some of our most difficult times.  Her leadership and tireless efforts helped to stabilize and ensure the future of our organization.

This award is presented to the lay individual or organization outside of the field of psychiatry or psychotherapy who, through their continuing efforts and dedication, has advanced the Mission and Vision of the ISSTD.

2018 Thérèse O. Clemens


Sándor Ferenczi Award

The Sándor Ferenczi Award is given for the best published work in the realm of psychoanalysis related to trauma and dissociation in adults and/or children.

Student Award

The Student Award is presented to a trainee (i.e., undergraduate, graduate, pre-graduate intern or post-graduate resident) for: (a) outstanding service to the Society; (b) an exceptional contribution to or innovation in clinical or service delivery in the field of dissociative disorders; or (c) an exceptional contribution to or innovation in training in the field of dissociative disorders.

2001 Selah Richards, BA

2002 Steven Ruths, PhD

2003 Irit Nachmani, MSW

2005 Stacey L. Seibel, MS, PHD

2006 Nicole Richardson

007 Monica Monahan


2013 Winja Marie Lutz, BSc

2015 Becky Stewart, M.A., Ph.D. Candidate
2015 Aliya Webermann, BA

2016 Jytte van Huijstee 

2018 Jonathan D. Wolff
2018 Abigail Percifield

Richard P. Kluft Award for Journal of Trauma & Dissociation Best Article, sponsored by Routledge

2013 Where are we going? An update on assessment, treatment, and neurobiological research in dissociative disorders as we move toward the DSM-5.
Brand BL, Lanius R, Vermetten E, Loewenstein RJ, Spiegel D.,
J Trauma Dissociation. 2012;13(1):9-31.

2014 Early Traumatized Inpatients High in Psychoform and Somatoform Dissociation: Characteristics and Treatment Response. Heir, T, Jepsen E, Langeland W., J Trauma Dissociation. 2014; 15(5):572-587.

2015 Change in heart rate variability after the Adult Attachment Interview in dissociative patients. Farina, B., Speranza, A. M., Imperatori, C., Quintiliani, M. I., & Marca, G. D. 2015; 16(2), 170-180

2016  Shifting the focus: Nonpathologizing approaches to healing from betrayal trauma through an emphasis on relational care.Gómez, J. M., Lewis, J. K., Noll, L. K., Smidt, A. M., & Birrell, P. J.; 17(2), 165-185.

2017 Mentalization and Dissociation in the Co ntext of Trauma: Implications for Child Psychopathology Karin Ensink PhD, Michaël Bégin BA, Lina Normandin PhD, Natacha Godbout PhD & Peter Fonagy PhD; 18 (1)


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