HAND IN HAND: Attachment │ Trauma │ Dissociation
March 31 – April 4, 2016
Parc 55 San Francisco - A Hilton Hotel
San Francisco, California


ISSTD’s 33rd International Conference will explore how dysfunctional attachments begin; how complex trauma and dissociative disorders impact attachment; and how attachment within the therapeutic relationship is essential for healing and growth.

We are excited to announce our slate of plenary speakers: Mary Main, Eric Hesse, David Spiegel and Julie Graham. Mary Main and Eric Hesse will open our conference exploring current research and the clinical applications of attachment theory with a special focus on disorganized attachment. On our second day focuses on the impact of trauma and the therapeutic relationship with David Spiegel Julie Graham closes the conference considering the extent and expression of trauma and dissociation within the LGBQT community.

The Call for Proposals opens in early August. In addition to papers, workshops, and forum discussions on the central topics of attachment, trauma, and dissociation; we are looking for creative, innovative, and exciting presentations on all other aspects of the understanding, researching, and treating complex trauma and dissociative disorders. We encourage solid scientific and clinically grounded presentations that broaden our knowledge base and sharpen our therapeutic skills. The use of experiential, interactive, and multi-media presentations is encouraged.  While the formal Call for Proposals won’t launch until early August, get started planning your presentation now.

Whether you are a veteran presenter, a seasoned clinician, a distinguished researcher, a student, or emerging professional new to our field; we encourage you to share your wisdom, knowledge, and experience with us in the collegial family that is ISSTD.

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See you in San Francisco!

Kevin J. Connors, MS, MFT

Annual Conference Chair

ISSTD Conference Committee
Kevin J. Connors, MS, MFT, Chair
Therese Clemens, Executive Director
Lynette Danylchuk, PhD, President
Philip J. Kinsler, PhD, Immediate Past President
Christa Kruger, MD
Christine Forner, MA, MSW
Florence Hannigan, MA, BSW
Mara Katz, LCSW
Anne Mahoney, Marketing
Amy Motyka, Meeting Planner
Kathy Steele, MN, CS
Adah Sachs, PhD
Vedat Şar, MD
Paula Thomson, PhD
Joan A. Turkus, MD