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Individual Membership Benefits

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As a member of ISSTD, you can participate in ISSTD training opportunities at reduced rates, have access to free member resources, engage with other mental health professionals and students, and be connected with all ISSTD has to offer:

National and International Conferences
ISSTD conferences provide up-to-date accounts of the state of the dissociative disorders field and address key legal and ethical issues facing professionals working with dissociation. ISSTD conferences are devoted solely to topics relevant to the study and treatment of dissociation. These meetings include introductory and advanced workshops, research presentations, and clinical papers.

Learn from experts and peers and share valuable experiences during formal and informal sessions and activities. Continuing education credits, a bookstore, and printed conference proceedings are also available.

The official ISSTD newsletter carries news regarding the Society and the field. The newsletter features an index of recently published literature on dissociative disorders and an editorial column in which experts discuss critical issues in trauma and dissociation.

Journal of Trauma & Dissociation
The Journal of Trauma & Dissociation is available online to all ISSTD Members. The Print version will be sent to members who subscribed (additional $27 per year). The Journal is dedicated to publishing peer-reviewed scientific literature on dissociation, dissociative disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder, psychological trauma and its sequelae, and on aspects of memory associated with psychological trauma and dissociation.

Members Only Corner
A separate portion of the web site for Members Only.  Recent articles, bibliographies, the online membership directory, recent and past newsletters, diagnostic screening tools for the clinician, free webinar content, and many other resources are available online for the member.

Treatment Guidelines
ISSTD has taken the important step of developing Guidelines for Treating Dissociative Disorder in Adults. Developed in 1994 and revised in 1997 and again in 2005 and 2011, the Guidelines present a broad outline of what thus far has seemed to be effective treatment. ISSTD has also developed guidelines for treating children with dissociative disorders.

Component Groups
ISSTD encourages members to form and participate in national and local component societies, chapters, and study groups. ISSTD component groups around the world provide members with a local vehicle for exchanging views and experiences, promoting referral networks, and establishing educational programs.

Membership Directory
Simply the best resource anywhere for professionals working in the fields of trauma and dissociation. The directory is an invaluable tool for any professional who wishes to form research and clinical contacts and networks.

World Wide Web Site
Members and the public can obtain information about the Society, membership benefits, conference information, a bibliography of recent articles and books of interest, as well as treatment guidelines and links to other professional and self-help organizations.

David Caul Memorial Fund
Established in 1998 to honor the memory of Dr. David Caul, a former president of ISSTD, the fund supports research in the area of dissociation and awards need-based scholarships to the Society’s educational programs.

Awards Program
The ISSTD awards program recognizes outstanding achievements in diagnosis, treatment, research, writing, audiovisual media, and distinguished service by individuals or groups in the field of dissociation or dissociative disorders.


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Complexities of Complex Trauma Part I Teleseminar
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