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Membership Categories

Who can become a member of ISSTD?
Membership in the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation is open to individuals interested in the study of chronic/complex trauma and the dissociative disorders.

Members are listed in the directory, receive online access to the Journal of Trauma and Dissociation. Members can receive the printed Journal for the special member rate of $16 and are eligible for discounts to other journals in the field. Members also have access to The Members Only Corner of the website where there is access to the ISSTD News online, and may serve on committees, vote, and hold office.

Regular or Full Member - $187 annually (U.S. dues are shown. See the sliding scale of international dues here.) Regular membership is open to professionals primarily involved in the provision of services, research, education, scholarship, writing or public policy in an area related to trauma and dissociation. Members who are mental health or health care providers must be either licensed professionals, trainees or interns in mental health professions who are practicing under the supervision of a licensed professional, or qualified within the accepted legal or cultural standards for conducting clinical practice in his or her locale.

Afiliación Regular o Completa - $187 anualmente
La afiliación regular está abierta a todos los profesionales principalmente involucrados en la prestación de servicios, investigación, educación, tanto como a becarios, autores o gestores de políticas públicas, en un área relacionada con el trauma y/o la disociación.

Student Member - $91 annually
Student membership is open to those enrolled in a program of study leading to a degree or certification in the mental health field and who have an interest in trauma and dissociation. Student Members shall receive the societys publications, including the ISSTD Newsletter and the Journal of Trauma and Dissociation, have access to The Atrium, be listed in the directory, and may serve on committees. Student Members shall not vote, nor shall they hold office. Student Members shall be required to show proof of student status each year.

Afiliación  Estudiantil - $91 anualmente
La afiliación estudiantil está abierta a aquellos matriculados en un programa de estudio que conlleve a la obtención de un título o certificación en el campo de la salud mental y que tengan un interés en el trauma y/o la disociación.

Retired Member - $84 annually
Retired Membership is open to Members who have retired from active practice or research. To be eligible for Retired Membership, the Member must be at least 65 years of age and have paid dues to the Society for 10 or more years. Retired members shall have all the benefits of full membership except that they may not run for or hold office.

Afiliación de Jubilados - $84 anualmente
La Afiliación de Jubilados está abierta a Afiliados que se hayan jubilado de la práctica activa o investigación.   Para ser elegible para la Afiliación de Jubilados, el Afiliado tiene que tener, por lo menos,  65 años de edad y haber pagado cuotas a la Sociedad anteriormente.

Affiliate Member - $93 annually
(To become an Affiliate Member contact Headquarters Directly at 703-610-9037.)
Affiliate membership is open to any lay person, not eligible for full or student membership, interested in the goals and objectives of the Society. Affiliate members receive the ISSTD newsletter, and Society membership email announcements.  Affiliate members are not listed in the membership directory, may not vote, hold office or serve on task forces or committee (except by special invitation). Affiliate members do not qualify for reduced rates for the conference, do not have access to the Members Only Corner, nor do they receive the Journal.  Affiliate members not eligible for participation in Special Interest Groups, or ListServs.  Affiliate Members may obtain a personal subscription to the Journal at the following rates: $107; £82; €107.

Afiliación de Miembro - $93 anualmente
La condición de Miembro Afiliado está abierta a cualquier  persona común y corriente que no sea elegible para  afiliación total o de estudiante, y que esté interesada en las metas y objetivos de la Sociedad.

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