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Dissociation Information

You've come to this page specifically for information on dissociation, and these links go to specific pages. The worlds of trauma and dissociation are intimately linked, and the distinctions can be very academic and important for professionals, but may feel quite differently for the survivor of trauma living with dissociative adaptations. Not only that, but some people with dissociative adaptations to living follow a developmental trajectory, survive emotional abuse/neglect, rather than blunt trauma. Check out all our holdings in the section on education, not just trauma, or dissociation. Keep your eyes wide open; there is a lot to learn! Contact the web site editor if you have questions about this material or a specific request for additional material.

Education Home Page

Dissociation FAQs

Annotated Bibliography on Dissociation

Dissociation "101" for Clinicians New to Dissociation Treatments

Treatment Guidelines for Dissociative Disorders in Adults and Children

Literature Searches on Topics in Dissociation

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