2023 Virtual Conference Presenter Tasks

Thank you for agreeing to present as part of the 2023 Virtual Conference taking place October 21-22, 2023. Below please find additional information about the additional tasks you will need to complete before the conference along with deadlines and links to submit the materials. We ask that all presenters please submit the information via the links provided and do not email the materials to ISSTD Staff. This helps keep materials organized and assists with tracking submissions.

If you are co-presenting, please designate one presenter to serve as the Primary Presenter. This person will be responsible for submitting all materials.

In additional to the tasks below, your will receive an email no less than two weeks before the conference which will include a link to set up a tech check with the tech staff. Please schedule this at a time where you will be in the space you will be presenting from during the conference.

All presenters, regardless of past presentation history with ISSTD, must complete this tech check.

Presentation Slides (Required) – Due October 5, 2023

All presenters are required to submit slides for their presentation no later than October 5, 2023. Slides must be in .pptx format and should be created in 16:9 format. The slides submitted must include all slides that will be used and cannot be updated after this date. Slides will be provided to the technical producer of the conference as a back-up should we encounter a problem with a presenter running the slides. Staff will also review slides for CE compliance. Please make sure that your slides do not include advertising of any kind for books, training, treatment facilities, etc. Books and trainings may be mentioned in the presentation but should not be a focus of the presentation.

Each presentation should have just one set of slides. If you are co-presenting, the slides for all presenters need to be combined into one file and uploaded by the Primary Presenter.

Slides will be shared with participants unless the presenter advises otherwise. If you do not wish for your slides to be shared, please put “DO NOT SHARE” in the title of the file when submitting. If you would like to submit two sets of slides, one for technical/CE purposes and one for participants, please include “STAFF ONLY” in the slides for technical/CE purposes and “FOR PARTICIPANTS” in the slides for that are okay to share with participants.


Presentation Videos (Required if Using During Presentation) – Due October 5, 2023

If you plan to use videos as part of your presentation, you must notify ISSTD staff at least three weeks prior to the event and must provide videos in .mp4 format to us via Dropbox. Presenters must have the appropriate consent to use videos in their presentation. If you do not submit your videos by the date above you will not be permitted to use them during your presentation.


Presentation Handouts (Optional) – Due October 5, 2023

All presenters are who wish to provide additional handouts to participants must upload them using the link below no later than October 5, 2023. The handout can be a .pdf file (preferred) or a Word file (.doc or .docx) and we request that you compile all handouts into one document if possible. Journal articles that are not open or free access cannot be shared with participants.


Full Presentation Bibliography (Required) – Due October 5, 2023

All presenters must submit a full bibliography for all references used during the presentation. At least 5 references of these references must be from within the last five years from the date of the presentation and 75% of these references should be from peer-reviewed sources. This information should also be included in the final slide(s) used during the presentation. Please make sure that all references are in APA format.


CE Questions (Required) – Due October 20, 2023

All presenters must submit 17 CE questions using the template linked below following the guidelines below.

Guidelines for Question Writing

IMPORTANT: True/false questions, questions with all of the above/none of the above answers, and questions with answers such as “A & B are correct” are not permitted. 

  • All questions must be clearly answered within your presentation (verbally or on slides)
    • If you do not think you will be able to clearly cover the question in your presentation, do not include that question
  • In the template linked below, please use the last column to mark the slide number where you will cover the answer to the question. This is required in order to verify that all questions are covered in your presentation. Questions should be submitted in the order in which they will be answered during the presentation
  • All questions must have one correct answer and three believable incorrect answers.
    • The correct answer should not be obvious and the incorrect answers should be plausible. 
  • All questions must be in question format. Sentence completion questions are not permitted.
    • For example: What is the answer to this question? rather than: The answer to this question is:____
  • At least 75% of the questions must be affirmative questions
    • For example: Which of the following is an example of dissociation? rather than: Which of the following is NOT an example of dissociation?