Research & Training Funding Opportunities

Each year, ISSTD offers a number of funding opportunities for research, project and education. These opportunities have been made available from the generous donations of ISSTD members and supporters.

Research/Project Funding Opportunities

David Caul Graduate Research Fund

The David Caul Graduate Research Fund is designed to support research that is primarily concerned with dissociation or closely related topics. The award is named for David Caul, MD, the fourth president of ISSTD in 1987, (then known as the International Society for the Study of Multiple Personality & Dissociation) a dedicated and beloved leader in the field of dissociation. Graduate students and undergraduate honors students are eligible to apply for grants up to $1500 USD.

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Education and Research Fund

The Education and Research Fund was created to support education, assessment, treatment, research and awareness of the dissociative disorders. The fund was established to address the lack of education and research in the area of complex trauma and recovery. The fund will dispense one award of up to $5000.00 USD annually.

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Training Funding Opportunities

Goodwin Educational Fund

The Goodwin Educational Fund was created to defray the cost of one training activity offered through ISSTD for professionals who would otherwise be unable to obtain appropriate instruction in the treatment of complex trauma and dissociation. ISSTD will accept applications for Goodwin Educational Fund awards twice a year in July/August and December. Up to five applications will be approved for funding during each period.

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