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Good News from ISSTD! The Clinical E-Journal is Here!

After a long time of planning ISSTD launched an e-journal dedicated to the promotion of creative clinical practices on September 1, 2017. The E-Journal’s name is Frontiers in the Psychotherapy of Trauma & Dissociation (ISSN 2523-5117) and is a new member benefit included in annual dues. It restarts the function of our earlier clinical journal Dissociation and will complement the cherished function of the Journal of Trauma & Dissociation, which acts as the forum for conceptual and research articles. We have taken on the editorship of the E-Journal and look forward to the challenges and triumphs ahead in making it a successful ISSTD outlet for cutting-edge ideas related to the treatment of complex trauma disorders. 

The New Journal’s Mission

As the Editors of ‘Frontiers’, we envision it becoming the stage for clinicians who strive to break gridlocks in psychotherapy’s course. In the Mission Statement for Frontiers we state: “Clinicians’ observations from testing the rationale for their interventions, for one patient and one treatment session at a time, are indeed the seed for ideas to update existing theories and for hypotheses to test experimentally.” We want to publish articles with insights about how such gridlocks get broken, by authors from inside and outside our Society. We will ask authors to state the rationale for their improvisations and how their clients measured the benefit. Such rationale from everyday practice is the rudiments for better theory. How self-change matters to clients, in turn, suggests how we should measure our interventions’ maturation.

In the Mission Statement, we specify one domain of clinical goals which, we believe, we should bring into the scope of psychotherapy more deliberately. It is the goals of discerning and remediating the psychological consequences of traumatic abuse and betrayal perpetrated by institutions and governments in particular, beyond the effect of betrayal in personal relationships. For example, we should explore what constitutes resilience for clients coping with institutional oppression and discrimination or with neglect by agencies designated to correct abuse in personal relationships.

To date, we are most appreciative of the following individuals and organizations who have already contributed generously to this enterprise:

Major Supporters

Andreas Laddis, MD, USA
The Cannan Institute, Australia

Regular Supporters

Warwick Middleton, MD, Australia
Dana Ross, MD, Canada
Martin J Dorahy, PhD, New Zealand
Kate McMaugh, Australia
Sarah Y Krakauer, USA


Andreas Laddis, MD is a general psychiatrist, with a fellowship in neurology. He has drawn his professional satisfaction mainly from psychotherapy for patients with trauma-related disorders. That began with his psychiatric training at the Sheppard-Pratt Hospital in Towson, Maryland. For many years later, he has cultivated the practice of psychotherapy in government-sponsored psychiatric agencies, mainly in community mental health centers. Since joining ISSTD, Dr. Laddis has consistently presented two or three sessions at ISSTD Annual Conferences and, to date, at all ESTD biennial conferences. He often organizes panels of senior colleagues recognized for their contributions to the trauma and dissociation field to reflect upon and discuss fundamental issues in the field. He has been a champion of the cause for reinstatement of peer reviewed, clinically focused trauma articles and has been a catalyst toward the creation and publication of Frontiers since its inception

Associate Editor

Martin J Dorahy, PhD, New Zealand

Editorial Assistant

Courtenay Crucil, MA, RCC, Canada

Editorial Board

Elizabeth Bowman, MD, USA
Laura S Brown, PhD, USA
Richard A Chefetz, MD, USA
Constance J Dalenberg, PhD, USA
JK Judith Daniels, PhD, The Netherlands
Steven N Gold, PhD, USA
Elizabeth B Hegeman, PhD, USA
Richard P Kluft, MD, PhD, USA
Christa Kruger, MD, South Africa
Karlen Lyons-Ruth, PhD, USA

Alfonso Martinez-Taboas, PhD, Puerto Rico
Warwick Middleton, MD, Australia
Ellert RS Nijenhuis, PhD, The Netherlands
Sandra Paulsen, PhD, USA
Vedat Sar, MD, Turkey
Joyanna Silberg, PhD, USA
Eli Somer, PhD, Israel
Kathy Steele, MN, CS, USA
Victor Welzant, PsyD, USA

Please send any inquiries about the submission process or the status of a submission to the Frontiers Editorial Assistant, Courtenay Crucil, at

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