Certificate Program Information

The ISSTD Center for Advanced Studies in Trauma and Dissociation has developed a series of courses leading to a certificate.  Each of these interlinked programs is based upon the Core Areas of Knowledge that were identified by the leaders of the field in 2010. The Center awards a Certificate in Complex Trauma and Dissociation to those who complete 72 hours of Center-approved courses and training. The Center awards an Advanced Certificate in Complex Trauma and Dissociation to those who complete 100 hours.

Continue your journey towards mastery of complex trauma and dissociation! Most training programs focus on ‘simple’ trauma. The Center’s programs focus on complex trauma. “We start where others leave off.”

Full descriptions of the conference workshops, regional seminars, and professional training courses that can lead to one of the certificates are under construction.  Review the Core Areas of Knowledge below:

Core Areas of Knowledge© – Credit Hours Towards Certificate
(Child, Adolescent & Adult)

I. Introductory Level:

1.1. Complex post traumatic effects and responses: 
  • Complex post traumatic effects and responses
  • Foundational areas of knowledge.
1.2  Assessment
  • Assessment of trauma and dissociation–DES, PCL TSI-2
1.3  Treatment of complex trauma and dissociation
  • Introduction to the Treatment of Complex Trauma- Child, Adolescent or Adult
  • Establishing & conducting an effective trauma therapy
  • Memory, trauma, and suggestibility
  • Staged treatment – the road map: Stage I, Stage II, Stage III models of treatment of post traumatic disorders

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