Core Areas of Knowledge

Core Areas of Knowledge© – Credit Hours Towards Certificate Child, Adolescent & Adult 

 I. Introductory Level:
1.1. Complex post traumatic effects and responses: 
Complex post traumatic effects and responses
Foundational areas of knowledge.
1.2  Assessment
Assessment of trauma and dissociation–DES, PCL TSI-2
1.3  Treatment of complex trauma and dissociation
Introduction to the Treatment of Complex Trauma- Child, Adolescent or Adult
Establishing & conducting an effective trauma therapy
Memory, trauma, and suggestibility
Staged treatment – the road map: Stage I, Stage II, Stage III models of treatment of post traumatic disorders 
II.  Intermediate Level
2.1 Intermediate Assessment 
Frankel article, Dell & O’Neill, Loewenstein’s Office Mental Exam, MID
2.2. Treatment of Complex Trauma & Dissociative Disorders
2.3. Relational challenges in trauma/dissociation therapy
Transference/countertransference patterns
Vicarious traumatization
2.4. Management of self-injurious behaviors
2.5. Ethics/professional issues and risk management
III.  Advanced Level
3.1. Advanced treatment of DID: Trauma processing, fusion/integration   
3.2.  Relational challenges in trauma/dissociation therapy 
3.3. Tutorial on neurobiology of trauma, concepts of dissociation
3.4.  Tutorial on current research in complex trauma and dissociation
3.5.  Psychopharmacology of complex traumatic disorders
3.6   Comorbid Disorders: Medical illnesses, substance use, eating disorders
3.7   Historical/ Societal