Goodwin Educational Fund

The next application period will open in July, 2024.

The Goodwin Educational Fund shall be used to defray the cost of one training activity offered through ISSTD for professionals who would otherwise be unable to obtain appropriate instruction in the treatment of complex trauma and dissociation. 

ISSTD will accept applications for Goodwin Educational Fund awards twice a year in July/August and December. Up to five applications will be approved for funding during each period. Applicants who receive the award will be notified within 30 days of the close of the application period. 

Qualifying applicants must meet the following criteria:

(1) Hold a Masters-level or higher degree in psychology, psychiatry, social work, or related fields.

(2) Demonstrate financial need. If an applicant makes more than $40,000 USD per year, additional justification regarding need such as local cost of living figures should be included with proof of income.

(3) Possess an interest in learning more about complex trauma and dissociation and be able to apply the information learned in their current position.

(4) Submit a completed application, which will consist of the following: 

  • Applicant information cover sheet (completed online)
  • Grant overview page (completed online)
  • A 1000 word maximum summary explaining the Applicant’s need for the grant, how receiving the grant will impact the Applicant’s practice, how this will affect the Applicant’s surrounding community, and how gaining this educational opportunity falls within ISSTD’s Mission Statement. 
  • Copy of official supporting financial documentation
  • Current CV or resume

(5) If an award is granted and the financial status of the Applicant changes in such a way that could render the Applicant ineligible for the award, the Committee must be notified of the status change within 10 business days. In such an instance, the Committee reserves the right to conduct an ad-hoc review of the revised project to ensure that the award remains justified.

(6) The award funding will be used to cover costs for full or partial registration fees for one of the following: Annual Conference, Virtual Conferences, Professional Training Program courses, or Regional Conferences. The grant cannot be used to “recoup” expenses from attendance of ISSTD-sponsored trainings or conferences that were previously purchased and/or completed. Additional costs such as travel, hotel accommodations, and course materials are not covered by this grant and are the sole financial responsibility of the Applicant.

(7) Although qualifying professionals may apply for an award from the the Goodwin Educational Fund more than once (for example, if the Applicant previously applied by did not receive an award), funds from this grant will only be awarded to an individual once. 

Applications will be carefully evaluated, with special consideration given to a number of dimensions noted above–specifically, the level of an Applicant’s need; their commitment to study and practice within the field of trauma and dissociation; demonstrated relevance to ISSTD’s Mission Statement; and, the broader community impact that training will make. 

Any questions about the application process may be directed to ISSTD’s administrative office via email, at