Member Sponsorship Program

New in 2023-2024: Now Accepting Sponsee Applications through March 31, 2024!

ISSTD is happy to introduce a new sponsorship program which allows ISSTD members to sponsor the membership of an individual or individuals who lack the financial resources to join or renew. By sponsoring a member, you are actively contributing to their professional development and success. Sponsorship also helps in cultivating a strong sense of international camaraderie and community within the Society. When members support and uplift each other, it creates a community that fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and collective advancement.

Information for Sponsees

For those wishing to be sponsored, we are thrilled to share we are now accepting applications for our first round of sponsees through March 31, 2024. Sponsorship allows you to receive all the benefits of being a member at a fraction of the price. Those who are sponsored will be eligible for a sliding scale payment on membership for the first three years following the sponsored year.

  • First Year After Sponsorship: 25% of membership fee based on career stage and location
  • Second Year After Sponsorship: 50% of membership fee based on career stage and location
  • Third Year After Sponsorship: 75% of membership fee based on career stage and location

Information for Sponsors

ISSTD began accepting pledges from those wishing to sponsor an individual or individuals in August 2023. Please complete the form linked below to provide additional information about your interest in sponsorship. ISSTD will match sponsors with an individual or individuals based on the responses in this form. We anticipate that matching will begin in spring, 2024.

Please contact ISSTD via email at with any questions you have on this program.