Research Recruitment

ISSTD seeks to advance clinical, scientific, and societal understanding about the prevalence and consequences of chronic trauma and dissociation. As such, we value opportunities to facilitate research in this field. If you would like to recruit participants for your research through ISSTD, please gather the following information in submit to this form linked below.

  • Name of all investigators and/or students
  • Full title of the research study as in the research protocol
  • Nature of the research study:
    • State the research question / aim and objectives
  • Full research protocol
  • All appendices as submitted to the Institutional Review Board, including participant information and consent forms, questionnaires, surveys, data sheets, debriefing letters, etc. *
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) / Ethics Committee approval for this study (This is required for ALL research, whether or not for degree purposes, and whether or not the investigators are affiliated with a university):
  • Has the study received IRB / Ethics approval yet? Yes / No
  • Name and address of IRB / Ethics Committee
  • Date of IRB / Ethics approval
  • IRB / Ethics approval letter / certificate
  • Is the study for degree purposes? Yes / No
  • If for degree / academic purposes:
    • Name of the degree
    • Name of university or school
    • Name of research supervisor
  • If not for degree / academic purposes (e.g., if the study represents independent research):
    • Name/s of all other research collaborator/s in this study, and their roles
  • What is the requested role of the ISSTD? Please elaborate. If the request concerns the recruitment of research participants, include for example:
    • What participants are needed (e.g., trauma therapists / clinical psychologists / etc.)
    • Nature of the participation (e.g., complete an online survey / complete a questionnaire / participate in a telephonic interview / etc.)
    • Duration of the anticipated participation (e.g., 10 minutes or whatever)
  • How should interested participants contact the researcher? (E.g., provide the link to the online survey / provide the email address of the researcher / etc.)    

All research recruitment requests will be reviewed by members of the Scientific Committee. If a request is approved, the individual(s) submitting the request will be able to post their recruitment request in our monthly newsletter, ISSTD News or as a classified ad in our online Member Forum.